Got hit by Google Fred update lately? Well, you might be wondering that you were strictly following all the guidelines provided by Google then what went wrong? The answer is same as I have been stressing on all the time – stop chasing the algorithms if you really want to make your website perform well on the search engine. You created your website for the people not for the search engine. And search engine itself strives to bring most relevant and natural search results to its users.

So what to do in order to recover from Google Fred update?

If you are sure that your website is adhering to the Google’s guidelines, then you need to take it to your prospects for review. Take a survey for your website and as per the collected feedback make amendments to the website.

John Mueller gave this answer to the person who faced drops in rankings even though his website was Search Engine Friendly as per him –

Essentially, if you are following the Google guidelines and you are doing things technically right, then that sounds to me like there might just be just quality issues with regards to your site. Things that you can improve overall when it comes to the quality of the site.

Which means there is no simple kind of answer, like there is no meta tag that would make your web site higher quality. It is just in general, you probably need to take a step back, get random people who are interested in that topic to review your site compared to other sites to kind of go through a survey to see what you can be doing better to improve the quality of your site overall. And ideally, don’t just like tweak things to kind of subtly improve the quality to see if you can get a little higher. Really take a stab at it and try to figure out what you can do to make a significant dent in the quality of the site overall.


Do you understand it now? Move your focus from making your site search engine-friendly to user-friendly.

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