Google just took over twitter and news sites by making its ‘Submit URL’ form on SERP itself. SEOs and webmasters are talking about it on Twitter and everyone has created a hype all over the internet. This pops up a question in the minds of many –

What is Google’s Submit URL Form?

Google has a small form where you can submit the URLs which you want to get indexed on Google’s SERP. It is important because you can index URLs of the websites you don’t have Google’s Webmaster’s access of. I use it extensively for indexing the web pages where I have created a new backlink. Most of the times URLs submitted through this form get indexed instantly.

How to Acess the Submit URL Form?

Anyone can access the form here – Provided that their Gmail Account is logged in. The form looks like this:

Submit URL to Google Form

Simply paste URL in the input field, prove that you are not a robot and click on Submit Request. Done! Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

What is New about the Form now?

Now you can simply Google and type ‘Submit URL/Submit URL to Google’ and you can submit the URL on the SERP itself. This is how the form appears on the SERP –

Cool, right? Well, that’s what Google is good and expects from other webmasters i.e. simplifying user-accessibility. Make it easy for the users to access information or any feature etc and Google will put you at the top of the search results.

Now, many of you would not be able to see the Submit URL Form on search result page. This is what you might be seeing after typing ‘Submit URL/Submit URL to Google’ in the search bar –

Searching Submit URL to Google on Google

Why I’m not Able to See Submit URL Form on SERP?

Don’t worry! Google is not being partial 🙂 The form will appear on the search result page only when you are logged in to your Google account. So, first sign in to Google/Gmail and again search for the submit form. This time you will be able to see right there.

Now you can easily index any web page on Google provided that it meets Google’s guidelines.

How to Check Whether the Page is Indexed?

To check whether the URL has been indexed by Google or not, just follow these easy steps –

  1. Go to Google and in the search bar write cache:URL e.g. cache: or cache:
  2. If the URL is new and has not been indexed yet you’ll see the following message (This message means Google never indexed this page):Google - URL not found in server
  3. If the URL is already indexed on Google and you submitted it because the content on the web page was updated then see the date and time mentioned in the cache details as shown in the pic below. So, if it shows a date past to the submission’s that means Google has not completed your submission request yet.


Google's Cache Details of a URL


Note: You can’t re-index/refresh the same URL more than once in 24 hours using the Submit URL form.


Google’s Submit URL form is a great tool for indexing URLs of the websites you don’t have webmaster’s access of. If the submitted URL/web page is of high quality, you can expect instant indexing. The tool is best for indexing the web pages of other websites where you have newly created a backlink. Enjoy the easily accessible form. Do not forget to login to your Google account. Let me know if you have any questions.