Online Reputation Management

Everything has a good and bad side of it and for the internet, the bad side is when a bad/fake news about your business is going viral on social media or bad/fake link is ranking on the top pages of search engine for the keywords which are important to you. It really hurts when your hard-earned reputation is at risk. And that’s where Online Reputation Management comes to play.

At AtoZ Digital, we offer reliable ORM services where we:

  • Suppress the bad/fake news going viral on social networks
  • Design the search result pages for the keywords which are hurting your reputation

How do we do that?

On Social Media:

  • Creating defending/positive/neutral content and making it dominate the bad one
  • Finding what people are talking about your brand
  • Reaching out to the users influenced by the bad/fake news
  • Interacting with the users to restore trust
  • Tracking the campaign

On Search Engine

  • Finding the keywords which are showing bad results
  • Creating content (positive and neutral)
  • Promoting it to surpass the negative results
  • Promoting the existing positive content
  • Tracking the campaign

On Reviewing Platforms

  • Smartly responding to both good and bad  reviews
  • Trying to delete the fake reviews
  • Finding ways to make the happy customers post positive reviews
  • Making the loyal customers advocate your brand

We offer ORM services for:

  • Brands
  • Corporates
  • Celebrities
  • Local Businesses

Our expertise is in managing the online reputation for hospitals, hotels, restaurants and travel businesses.

Get in touch with us to discuss your ORM requirement.